Calculating ROI on Your Personal Portfolio

Have you ever tried to calculate the return you're getting on your investment portfolio? Figuring out how your accounts are performing isn't easy when you're making ongoing deposits. The timing of those deposits can make simplistic calculations give you very misleading numbers.

Sure, you can enter a formula in a spreadsheet and get a valid number. (Subscribe to the Accumity Strategy Newsletter to find out how to do it the right way.) While possible, it's inflexible: recalculating the return for a specific period of time, or on an ongoing basis, is a hassle.

Accumity will fix this:

  • Tracking multiple accounts (e.g. your 401(k), your spouse's 401(k), both of your Roth IRAs, and both of your rollover IRAs)
  • Accounting properly for ongoing deposits.
  • Showing you your personal performance across all accounts.
  • Comparing to benchmarks like major market indices.

"But I don't want to share any more personal information online."

Neither do I!

Accumity is not an online service. It's good old fashioned desktop software. It does not "phone home" to send all your info back to the author.

"Where can I download it?"

Accumity is still under development. Get on the Accumity Beta mailing list, and I'll notify you when Beta versions are available for download.

About Accumity

Accumity is strategic personal finance software. I'm writing Accumity to solve the long-term planning problems that we all deal with in our own finances.

  • Portfolio performance tracking, asset allocation, and rebalancing.
  • Cash flow projections, budgeting, and tracking.
  • Goal planning and tracking: savings, debt payoff, college savings, retirement, etc.
  • Saving money on your mortgage when refinancing or shopping for new mortgage.
  • Net worth tracking and projections.